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We Can Rebuild Your Original Part!

If a particular part is unavailable, we can rebuild the original.
R&R is a great solution for classic/vintage, or rare vehicles that their parts are no longer available.
R&R is a great option for all kinds of vehicles who want to restore the original part from their vehicle back to when it was new.

Why To Rebuild?

Save Time! Stop running around to find your part!
The Price! There is a huge difference in price compared to other dealers!
Original Part! There are no surprises when you rebuild your own part!
All Parts Are Re-Manufactured And Then Tested!

The Rebuilding Process:

To begin with All rebuilt parts in our store meet or exceed the Original OEM Specifications.
We ensure that every part is processed by a professional and qualified team of experts in the field. Each part is fully tested under strict guidelines so that we can provide a final product in the best condition
The process may include:
  • Disassembling the part.
  • Cleaning the outside parts – one of the following techniques: by hand with a solvent washer, sandblaster, steel shot blaster, or a tumble washer.
  • Inspect casing and replace if necessary.
  • Replace – of all seals, gaskets, oil rings, bearings, and moving parts.
  • Test Part – each part is fully tested to ensure its function under simulated road conditions.